Hello World


Much like a roller-coaster ride filled with high-speed twists, turns, loops, and thrills, you’ve stumbled upon my cyber canvas which is likely to produce… almost anything.

You’ll quickly realize I’m a woman of many different interests, strong opinions, and sometimes odd perspectives. Be it friends, photography, music, food, ministry, sports, faith, camping, traveling, games, books, animals, etc., etc., etc… there’s very little that doesn’t spark my interest in some way.  And my optimistic-realism usually leans toward the comedic, up-beat, glass-half-full end of the spectrum.

While I’m thinking about it, let me assure you that my posts will always be clean and appropriate for all ages. Random and comedic, yes. Crass and obscene, no.
I welcome thoughts and comments (even contrary ones), but I ask that a “G” rating be maintained. I will edit or delete anything I deem inappropriate.

My intent is to have fun and entertain while sharing, teaching, encouraging, and inspiring.

So, sit down, buckle in, throw your hands in the air, and enjoy the ride! 🙂

Renegade Single